O dwóch głównych wariantach lokowania performansu medialnego

Katarzyna Mirocha

The article presents the two main variants of media performance on the basis on their location. The first one is a frame for ongoing social phenomena. The key concept illustrating this type is Piotr ­Sztompka’s theory of social becoming, and specifically the term praxis. The influence of descriptions of the surroundings, including the ideological surroundings, on a completed piece as well as on practical and discursive consciousness, have also been taken into consideration. The other variant of media performance is related to creating new situations and media environment according to the instruction for building the agenda and in compliance with precise requirements for the structure. The text contains: the descriptions of qualities of both variants, a comparison to other performance genres, by analogy and amplification, and reflections on the feedback mechanism, the influence, and the agency associated with all sorts of media performance. The category of delegated performance as a media performance has been discussed here in more detail. The text adopts the processual perspective, which, according the author, delivers a far more integrated understanding of such cultural aspects as media performances, their means and determinations of creation, the influence they have, and the changes they undergo, which remain in tight relation to technological progress.
Słowa kluczowe: media performance, delegated performance, praxis, device

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