Radio publiczne w indywidualnych repertuarach mediów

Stanisław Jędrzejewski


Public radio in individual media repertoires

At present, when there are so many news media platforms, the use of media consists in building personal, specific repertoire. These repertoires are a combination of many factors, including the available reception platforms, the geographical and social coverage of the media, the interests and needs of users. In this article I try to answer the question of how, in a very competitive media market, media users, by building their own individual media repertoires as a source of the news needed in everyday life and treated as a resource of democracy, use public radio. Through qualitative in-depth interviews with audiences of different social and demographic profiles in 8 European countries and Israel, the perception of the role of the news and current affaire of public radio organisations and understanding of their remit was examined.

Słowa kluczowe: radio, media publiczne, repertuary mediów, audytorium medialne

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