Deepfake – nowy wymiar internetowej manipulacji

Ilona Dąbrowska


Deepfake - a new dimension of online lies

The subject of consideration is the problem of falsification of audiovisual materials, referred to as deepfake. In this publication, I analyze literature on the problem, as well as draw the genesis and technological aspects of deepfake movies. Reflections on the issue discussed have been enriched with specific examples of films that have been published on the Internet to date. The article is an attempt to answer the question about the real threats associated with the existence of deepfakes and the possibilities of protection against them. An important aspect is the question about the security of every modern Internet user (in the context of data posted on social media), as well as the security of entire societies and nations. The publication highlights the threats associated with the spread of fake news and deepfakes in the online sphere in the context of off-line security

Słowa kluczowe: deepfake, Internet, movies, recordings, social media, forgery, manipulation

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