Rola marketingu społecznościowego w zarządzaniu relacjami z widzami seriali telewizyjnych na przykładzie produkcji „Zakochani po uszy”

Martyna Wielkopolan


he role of social media marketing in television viewer relationship management based on the TV production 'Zakochani po uszy'

Social media marketing is becoming the main aspect of strategies implemented by traditional media workers. The aim of   this case study research is  to analyse the  impact of internet marketing - on television viewer relationship management. The author’s intention was to do the qualitative research on the TV production “Zakochani po uszy” created by TVN, including its promotion through an official profile on the social networking site called Instagram in terms of building relationships with viewers along with holistic and deepened description of analysed phenomena. In the study, the author presents the results of the research based on non-participant observation of the official profile of “Zakochani po uszy” on Instagram, in-depth interview with a person responsible for public relations of the series, results of the survey along with data analysis, which contains viewership and statistics from  studied profile. These activities enabled solving the research question - mainly how is the strategy, which is to create strong relations with viewers, formulated and – to answer detailed research questions posed in the study.

Słowa kluczowe: marketing społecznościowy, zarządzanie relacjami, Instagram, serial telewizyjny, „Zakochani po uszy”

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