Soc-narcyzm, czyli celebryci w PRL-u (na przykładzie miesięcznika „Ty i Ja”)

Agnieszka Dytman-Stasieńko,

Justyna Harbanowicz


Soc-narcissism (or socialist narcissism) – celebrities in communist Poland on the example of the monthly "Ty i Ja"

The article assumes that during - communist period in Poland, especially during the -time of increased television development in the Gomulka’s period in office (the 60s.), there were no political, socio-communicative and cultural conditions for the development of the culture of celebrity and the related phenomenon of narcissistic attitudes of individuals popular in the media. This thesis is confirmed by the content analysis of the monthly “Ty i Ja” published  between 1960 and1973, considered to be the first Polish lifestyle magazine, presenting the stars of theater, film etc..  Interestingly these presentations were far from revealing any  narcissistic features characteristic of contemporary culture or Western culture - of  that time.

Słowa kluczowe: media w PRL, media lifestyle’owe, narcyzm, celebryci, gwiazdy

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