Innowacja i nowość w branży medialnej w świetle teorii innowacyjności Josepha A. Schumpetera na przykładzie CNN

Anna Teler


Innovation and novelty in the media industry according to the theory of innovation by Joseph A. Schumpeter on the example of CNN

Demand for novelty is inscribed in the DNA of media and media organizations, especially those that specialize in delivering the latest news. This is a prerequisite for media consumption. The media organizations responsible for delivering new products to recipients, are subject to market laws, they compete with each other, gain an advantage, fight to survive in the turbulent environment of the media and technology industry - and thus remain in constant development.
According to Joseph A. Schumpeter, development is possible by introducing innovations. Schumpeter's Theory of Innovation was a research tool for an analysis of the CNN group, specializing in delivering 24/7 news.. The article intends to answer the following research question to what extend is innovation present in the media industry? Doubt also arises from the fact that not every novelty is an innovation. As a result of research, it was discovered that there are innovations in the media industry, but not in all cases of innovation indicated by Schumpeter. Indeed, this is due to the specifics of the media industry. The purpose of the article is to attempt to determine whether there can be innovations in the media industry, according to Schumpeter's Theory of Innovation; and –to initiate a discussion on innovation in specific industry, which does not exist without novelty.

Słowa kluczowe: CNN, J. A. Schumpeter, teoria innowacyjności, innowacje, branża medialna

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