Paradoks opłacalności. Stronniczość polityczna na polskim rynku medialnym – próba syntezy

Mateusz Bartoszewicz,

Filip Gołębiewski


The profitability paradox. Political bias on the Polish media market – an attempt of a synthesis

The study  is an attempt to synthesize the approach of basic trends of political biases of 14 medialy relevant entities which can be obeseved in  the Polish media market in terms of reading/viewing perspective. . When searching for an intersubjectively consistent analytical perspective, the authors use the critical and comparison analysis of the results of empirical research contained in the literature of  subject, as well as specialist content of specialist  institutional reports, concurrently respecting the criticisms principles of the sources.. Due to the processual nature of the development of the media market in Poland, some of the results of empirical research cited  go back to year 2010 however  the vast majority date back to  year 2015 and the following years. In the introduction, the authors refer to the universal agreement of researchers of the quality of Polish public debate regarding its critical assessment. The first section of the article contains a description of the methodological assumptions made. The next three contain an attempt to synthesize the basic bias trends of relevant media titles within each of the three segments of media activity: [1] the press sector of nationwide dailies; [2] the weekly sector of opinion-forming magazines; and [3] the 24-hour news television sector. The last part of the study contains conclusions and reference to the research results of the political parallelism concept.

Słowa kluczowe: stronniczość mediów, paralelizm polityczny, polska debata publiczna, dziennikarstwo, zarządzanie systemem medialnym

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