Communication tool in obtaining information by the media based on the opinion poll of press spokesman of local governments unit

Dariusz Krawczyk


The aim of the paper is to present methods of staying in touch with journalists that are preferred by media relations specialists. For this reason, the opinion survey dedicated to this issue was carried out in 2020 among all spokespersons for the municipalities forming the statutory separated Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis (Metropolis GZM). It was found that personalized communication tools such as e.g. personal e-mail (40%) or telephone conversations (22%) are most commonly used. Obtained results were compared with the results of analysis with 94% share of Silesian police officers authorized to provide information to the media. An assessment of social reach of disinformation and verification of perception of the effectiveness of publishing the corrections, as a way of responding to distortions in press materials, were also subject of the study.

Słowa kluczowe: media relations, information policy, spokesperson, communication tools, disinformation

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