Ochrona wizerunku w mediach w dobie pandemii

Piotr Horosz,

Agnieszka Grzesiok- Horosz


The Protection of Image in Media in the Time of a Pandemic

The authors examine the adequacy of Polish regulations on the protection of the image to the challenges to prevent stigmatization of people who come into contact with COVID-19 and the special role of the media. In authors opinion there is a social responsibility of media to protect image, as a part of the human privacy. The aim of this study is emphasising the particular role of media to reduce the risk of stigmatization and social exclusion. There are no publication on this subject what can mean also the lack of protection. The article fills the existing cognitive gap. The research problem is presented by showing adequate law regulations, judgements and literature, using the formal – dogmatic method and also law-empiric one. The authors give some law recommendation to protect human image in media during pandemic times. Those clues could minimize the stigmatization and social exclusion of those who come into contact with COVID-19.

Słowa kluczowe: the protection of image, stigmatization, COVID-19, media