Odbiór społeczny programu telewizyjnego jako główne źródło przewagi konkurencyjnej nadawców

Ewa Jaska


Public Perception of a TV Program as a Major Source of Competitive Advantage for Broadcasters

This paper’s is to present the importance of the level of public perception of TV program, with particular focus on television genres which contribute to creating the competitive advantage of the station. This study used primary and secondary sources. The original research involved a survey. The survey was conducted at the turn of 2018 and 2019 on a sample of 1249 adult Polish TV viewers. The secondary sources included: telemetry audience measurement reports and reports published by the major TV broadcasters in Poland. The programming of Polish television broadcasters is increasingly market-oriented, both when it comes to commercial and public broadcasters. Films, TV serials, sports broadcasts, entertainment shows and news programs are the key formats which attract satisfying audiences and create competitive advantage. The findings have implications for both the TV stations creating the broadcasting schedules for subsequent seasons and for advertisers making decisions about allocating their media budgets.

Słowa kluczowe: program, audience, competition, market, television