„Zarządzanie słowem” przez media prasowe w procesie dążenia do poznania i przedstawienia prawdy

Lech Jaworski


“Word Management” by the Press Media in the Process of Seeking to Know and Present the Truth

The importance of the press in a democratic state is beyond doubt. This requires that freedom of press expression be guaranteed. However, this is not an absolute freedom and is subject to restrictions. In particular, the journalist must remember that “The press is under an obligation to truly present the discussed phenomena” (Article 6 par. 1 of the Press Law). However, understanding this principle too literally may raise reasonable doubts. The result of a journalist’s cognitive conduct – even with the utmost care – may turn out to be untrue. It would therefore be unreasonable to hold a journalist accountable according to an absolute criterion of the veracity of the facts. It is therefore appropriate to consider the regulation referred to here as a directional standard, the performance of which should be assessed particularly carefully in the context of the implementation of the statutory obligations imposed on the press (journalist).

Słowa kluczowe: management, media, press, journalist, truth