Wydawnictwo Bauer – tradycyjny wydawca w cyfrowym świecie

Jolanta Dzierżyńska-Mielczarek


Bauer Publisher – Traditional Publisher in the Digital World

The Bauer publishing house has gained the position of the largest press publisher in Poland thanks to the creation of an extensive portfolio of magazines aimed at various groups of recipients. The publishing strategy based on a low copy price and efficient marketing ensured high sales revenues and relatively high independence from advertising revenues. Despite the decline in the readership of the printed press, the publishing house did not make any efforts to digitally transform its magazines and develop its activities on the Internet. Only in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, it created e-editions and websites of a few titles. However, the recent business decisions of the German owner indicate that instead of investing in digital change and waiting for its effects, it is more willing to quit the traditional media markets.

Słowa kluczowe: magazine market, print publishers, effects of COVID-19