America the Wise: książka wizytowana raz jeszcze

Krzysztof Frysztacki


America the Wise Revisited

This essay provides first of all a characterization of America the Wise, written by American author Theodore Roszak. America the Wise is a commentary on the positive features and functions that currently characterize the “grey, silver” segments of society. Roszak has carried out an analysis of the social and cultural changes for those in the later stages of their lives showing how the changes benefit the individuals, their communities and society as a whole. Th roughout the book, aging is viewed a positive factor associated with maturity and wisdom. By incorporating empirical research and other literature (and we also take some other additional examples into consideration), America the Wise examines various topics related to aging taking into account axiological assumptions, the actual phenomena, and finally the practical activities pertaining to older adults. Roszak’s analyses and conclusions provide valuable information for those who deal with issues of aging.

Słowa kluczowe: starzenie się społeczeństwa, dojrzałość społeczna, zasoby, uwarunkowania społeczne i kulturowe, etyka

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