Grupa Wsparcia TROP - pięć lat doświadczeń

Paweł Bronowski,

Jacek Bednarzak

Support Group for Persons with Mental Crisis Experience TROP – five years
of experience
Support Group for Persons with Mental Crisis Experience TROP consist of people with mental disease experience. The group is based in Warsaw. It started in 2013. Regular meetings are held in the Academy of Special Education. Among TROP’s actions are lessons for high school students, school pupils and clerks focused on breaking stereotypes about persons with mental illness. TROP offers support in difficult situations and give telephone counselling for persons with mental crisis experience.The group provides mutual support by systematic meetings, researches the condition of psychiatric services and presents in various affairs (conferences, workshops).
Słowa kluczowe: self-help, persons with mental health experience, support groups

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