Praca socjalna z dzieckiem – refleksje na podstawie książki Agresja – nowe tabu? Jespera Juula

Dominika Beszłej


Social work with a child: Reflections based on the book Aggression. A New and Dangerous Taboo? by Jesper Juul

The main aim of this paper is to present a new approach to working with children and young people, as described in Jesper Juul’s book Aggression. A New and Dangerous Taboo? This approach consists of treating a child as a subject, following his or her needs, avoiding stigmatization and paying special attention to building a healthy self-esteem. These issues are considered mainly from the perspective of a social worker, educator, pedagogue. In order to understand the validity of Jesper Juul’s educational concept, the work places great emphasis on raising awareness of the unequal treatment of a child and its issues in relation to adults.

Słowa kluczowe: aggression, self-esteem, social work, education, children, social worker

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