Błękitny zamek jako opowieść o sile bliskości emocjonalnej

Zofia Byczko


Blue Castle as a story of the power of emotional closeness

Lucy M. Montgomery is famous for her childhood novels. Blue Castle is one of her lesser known works. The writer analyses in depth the issues of the influence of childhood experiences on the personality of adults. Looking at the individual characters, one can see a variety of parenting patterns and bonds established between adults and children. Based on her own rich experience, Lucy M. Montgomery is able to present, using Joanna’s moving story, the complexity of the parent‒child relationship as well as her importance for shaping the human mentality. This essay is an attempt to get closer to the world of the novel’s characters. It is also intended to be an inspiration for reflection on the human world and his/her development in this world. 

Słowa kluczowe: childhood, closeness, maturity, child–adult relation

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