Superwizja (w) pracy socjalnej – wybrane wątki teoretyczne i praktyczne

Ewa Ścigaj


Supervision (in) of social work selected theoretical and practical aspects

Supervision is a concept that is already firmly rooted in the Polish reality of social work, but also in other professions, whose primary activity is the one carried out for the benefit of another person. It serves to maintain a high level of services provided by the employee and his professional competence. It is supposed to prevent professional burnout of employees by constantly “controlling” their needs, difficulties they face. It is constantly developing and transforming. We can say that we are dealing with a process of institutionalization of supervision, the direction of which cannot be fully predicted. The aim of this work is therefore to signal selected theoretical threads in the field of supervision and indicate their practical applications.

Słowa kluczowe: supervision, social work

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