Marthe Vandenbrande,

Ane Román Ibarra,

Iraide Martínez Serrano,

Lucía Sesmero González


In permanently introducing this new section to our periodical, we wish to call the reader’s attention to a unique approach we are consciously taking. In a desire to identify impending foci in our field, we have invited the youngest of our colleagues – MA and PhD candidates in social work – to act as our reviewers. Furthermore, considering the vast multitude of scholarly articles published annually, we have asked our students to primarily focus on this segment which is more likely to reflect the most recent findings. That said, we have not set a strict date range in the hope that our reviewers will freely discover or recover studies which might have been overlooked heretofore.

Vyvey, E., Roose, R., De Wilde, L., &Roets, G. (2014). Dealing with risk in child and family social work: From an anxious to a reflexive professional?. Social sciences3(4), 758-770.
Reviewd by Marthe Vandenbrande

Khan, M. J. (2018). Role of Peer Pressure towards Tendency of Juvenile Delinquency among Male and Female Adolescents. Pakistan Journal of Criminology, 10(4): 1-14.
Reviewd by Ane Román Ibarra

Jimenez, R. M. (2008). Aproximación teórica a la exclusión social: complejidad e imprecisión del término. Consecuencias para el ámbito educativo.Estudios Pedagógicos, 34(1), 173-186.
Reviewd by Iraide Martínez Serrano

A Critical Review of Betancur, C. B., & Cortés, A. F. M. (2011). Cuerpo, comercio sexual, amor e identidad. Significados construidos por mujeres que practicaron la prostitución. CES Psicología, 4(1), 32-51.
Reviewd by Lucía Sesmero González