Supervision of social work and professional burnout of social workers. Research in selected social welfare centers

Małgorzata Lusio


This paper deals with the issue of burnout of social workers and supervision as one of the methods of preventing burnout. Research shows that social workers belong to professional groups that are highly exposed to burnout. Supervision is a form of support for social workers and is considered as one of the methods of counteracting burnout in the workplace. The aim of this study was to analyse the functioning of social work supervision in social welfare centres. Therefore, the subject of research was the functioning of social work supervision in welfare centers located in  two different  poviats. In the conceptualization process, the quantitative research method was adopted as the most adequate for the implementation of the assumed research goal and the current pandemic situation prevailing in Poland and in the world. In order to achieve the set goal and obtain the necessary information, a proprietary online questionnaire was designed, which was then sent to social workers employed in social welfare centers, and then filled in by them. The collected answers allowed to obtain answers to the research questions posed. As a result of the survey, it should be stated that the supervision of social work is hardly present in social welfare centres. As the results discussed above show, it is absent in a social welfare center in southern Poland poviat, while in a social welfare center in the northern Poland poviat a small percentage of social workers use this method of support.

Słowa kluczowe: social work supervision, social welfare center, social work, burnout

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