Jedna Europa? Rozważania wokół problemów społecznych krajów Unii Europejskiej

Krzysztof Gorlach


One Europe? Reflections on social problems of EU countries

Reflections focused on social work issues can take on a very diverse character. They can, on the one hand, deal with more general and analytical approaches to social problems and, on the other hand, focus on ways of finding practical solutions to the problems identified and discussed. An important historical-theoretical monograph published in recent years (cf. Frysztacki, 2019) points to the multi-threaded and multi-level field of analysis that characterises contemporary social work. It encompasses issues of both multithreaded and interdisciplinary social theory or specific methodological approaches, as well as issues of social problems themselves and reflections on professional strategies for solving them. In the context of these considerations, moreover, there are both historical and ethical references, without which the presentation of contemporary social work approaches and proposals would be far from flawed. Precisely because of this nature of these analyses, they constitute this specific type of them, which opens up a wide field of possibilities for further considerations that - often - situate themselves far away from the direct modes of reasoning and resolution that are included in them. A case that inspired me to reflect in this way is a work published recently (cf. Teddy, 2022) containing a discussion of a dozen social problems that plague the societies of the European Union. Adopting, therefore, the 'philosophy' formulated above for treating social work works, I would like to refer to the above paper in this way, but still in a rather casual way. Therefore, I will first make a brief presentation of the study and then take up one particularly interesting theme which I will try to illuminate based on the findings of the study. Hence, this text is not a typical review of Lucjan Misia's work, but more of an essay based on my reflection on his book. In other words, I treat Lucjan Misia's study as primarily a pretext for my own reflections and suggestions. 

Słowa kluczowe: social problems, social work, European Countries

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