Poczucie sensu życia wśród młodzieży akademickiej

Emilia Joachimiak


Sense of Meaning in Life among College Students

The aim of the study was to examine the strength of the sense of meaning in life among students and to check its relationship with professed values and goals, as well as to indicate which values are most important for students. The results are based on the author’s study of 250 students of Krakow’s universities, carried out due to pandemic conditions by means of an online questionnaire. The majority of the respondents demonstrated an average strength of the sense of meaning in life and the most frequently indicated most important values for them were health, love and independence. The strongest correlations with the sense of meaning in life were friendship, love and family, and somewhat weaker correlations were religious faith and richness of experiences. People with a clear purpose in life had a stronger sense of meaning in life.

Słowa kluczowe: meaning of life, values, goals, axiology, students

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