Der deutsch-polnische Kulturvergleich als Gegenstand der kulturwissenschaftlichen Forschung und Lehre

Tomasz G. Pszczółkowski


The author presents his understanding of Cultural Studies as an academic field that integrates various disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences. On the basis of such a conception of Cultural Science he proposes the concept of Kulturkomparatistik, which goes beyond its conventional philological meaning and enables comparative research outside of Linguistics and Literary Studies. Based on the OECD classification of the Revised Fields of Science and Technology, the author prepares taxonomy of Social Sciences and Culture, which can be compared with each other in two or more countries. The author points out the importance of cultural comparison for raising students’ awareness for the “Other” and the experience of “Foreignness”, for the development of attitudes of tolerance and empathy, as well as the applicability of the results in the social and political practice in each country.

Słowa kluczowe: Comparative Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences, Germany, Poland


Pszczółkowski, Tomasz G. (2013): Deutsche und polnische Kultur im kulturwissenschaftlichen Vergleich. Eine komparatistische Untersuchung. Warszawa: Instytut Germanistyki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.

Zwick, Elisabeth (Hrsg.) (2009): Pädagogik als Dialog der Kulturen. Grundlagen und Diskursfelder der interkulturellen Pädagogik. Münster: LIT.

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