Kooperative und unkooperative Verwendung von Pronomen in Texten der Physik und der Literatur (Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann) aus dem frühen 20. Jahrhundert

Marina Foschi Albert


Cooperative and Non-cooperative use of Pronouns in Texts from the Field of Physics and by Authors of Literature (Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann) from the Early Twentieth Century

The goal of this work is to test the hermeneutic potential of comparative analyses of grammatical phenomena in texts from a linguostylistic perspective. The stylistic profile of text can be highlighted by the identification of formal elements, which are assumed to convey poeticity. Text elements such as pronouns can be expected to be functionally ambiguous and therefore particularly relevant from a receptive point of view. The question is, whether pronominalization shows features which can identify styles typical of individual texts and text types, and how these features can influence the text reception.

Słowa kluczowe: Deutsche Pronomen, Pronominalisierung im Text, Textstil, Textsortenstile

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