Społeczne aspekty rewitalizacji gminy Mucharz

Małgorzata Dąbrowska


The paper contains the description of Mucharz region before the installation of the dam called “Świnna Poręba” and new possibilities it gave. The traditional agricultural region will be transformed into touristic centre of aquatic sports. Strategic planning helps preparing the local development in the future but some aspects of the implementation are more important than others and must provoke the quick reaction from administration authorities. The preparation of appropriate infrastructure must start from now – potential visitors should be attracted by an interesting offer (both sport and cultural) and staff should be educated. The social revitalization is conditioned before all by the economic development of the region and by the successful collaboration between public and private partners. They cooperate not only in the search for subsidies but at all phases of the project and in the work for common good.

Słowa kluczowe: rewitalizacja, agroturystyka, produkty ekologiczne, aktywizacja społeczna

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