Google dla edukacji. Beneficja i zagrożenia dla oficjalnego systemu

Krystyna Doktorowicz


Google for education. Benefits and threats to the official system

In 2017, the Google company was recognized as the most valuable brand in the world. It is primarily a technologycorporationthat aims toearnprofits and become a leader in the global market of Internet products and services. In its strategy, Google also refers to the idea of a public mission, whichis to consolidate the image of a company that serves the  users by fulfilling their needs. As part of the mission, Google uses free educational applications designed to modernize and improve the education process. Google offers students and teachers tools to bridge the social differences and democratize the school. The educational practice in many countries points to the advantages and serious threats associated with the implementation of Google’s educational applications. Violation of students’ privacy, treating them as potential customers of the advertised products, or using student profiles to collect data—all this castsdoubt on Google’s intentions. It is also a challenge for traditional educational systems.

Słowa kluczowe: edukacja, Google, opresja, krytyka

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