Organizational Culture in the Management of Tourist Companies 

Mikołaj Jalinik,

Bolesław Hryniewiecki


The aim of the study is the presentation of organizational culture and its importance in the management of an enterprise in the tourism industry. Specialist literature as well as the method of observation and induction and deduction have been used in writing it.

Employees are the basis for the functioning of each enterprise and the achievement of its goals. It is they who shape its image, create the organizational culture, and shape the reputation of the individual in the environment. Their competences, knowledge, and skills determine the effectiveness and efficiency of each enterprise. Thanks to their work, products and services that meet social needs and thus create organizational progress are created.

Organizational culture consists of a system of values, norms, principles, and methods of thinking and acting that has been accepted and adopted by a group of people. This phenomenon can be seen in organized social systems such as companies, schools, and others. It is a social phenomenon because it can be discussed and noticed only if it is accepted and practiced by a group of people. The notion of organization culture entered the theory of organization of management in the 1980s and 1990s on a wider scale, and studies on the topic flourished in the 1970s, when they were at the forefront of anthropological research. Organizational culture is an important basis for the effective functioning of each tourist enterprise and influences the effectiveness of its management. The importance of organizational culture is significant because it influences the work results of individuals, efficiency, job satisfaction and involvement, planning strategy, task execution, and recruitment and selection of employees, as well as their acceptance by the business entity.

Słowa kluczowe: kultura organizacyjna, kultura, organizacje, zarządzanie, przedsiębiorstwo turystyczne / organizational culture, culture, organizations, management, tourism enterprise

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