Fundusz Wsparcia Kultury – rekompensata strat czy strategiczna interwencja?

Katarzyna Kopeć,

Marta Materska-Samek


The Culture Support Fund – COVID-19 compensation or a strategic intervention?

The aim of the paper is to discuss the Cultural Support Fund (CSF) as an example of a reactive financing scheme. In order to understand the implemented compensation mechanism for entities operating in the creative sector, a broader context is also explored, which, on the one hand, shows the general message of the Fund, and on the other hand, the lack of efficient management of the CSF. The research is based on the analysis of the existing data outlining the operation of private enterprises in the creative sector, with the emphasis on the performing arts backstage industry. The drama of the situation is accentuated in the individual in-depth interviews with four beneficiaries of the Culture Support Fund, which presents the perspective of the CSF recipients. In order to stress the multidimensionality of the CSF structure, the conclusions are built according to the three dimensions of the analysis: procedural, substantive, and contextual.

Słowa kluczowe: creative industries, performing arts, backstage, Culture Support Fund (CSF), reactive support scheme, COVID-19