Zrównoważona produkcja filmowa w Polsce. Geneza i perspektywy

Anna Wróblewska


Sustainable film production in Poland. The origin and prospects.

The 21st century has seen a growing awareness of the serious impact of film and television production on the natural environment. The film industry pollutes our environment in many ways, including carbon dioxide emissions, waste production, and energy and water consumption. The initiatives for sustainable development undertaken in many sectors of the economy have also reached the film industry. In Europe and the United States, various organisations and institutions have developed a number of recommendations in the field of sustainable film production. This paper, set in the film studies trend known as production culture, presents the global context as well as the nascent Polish practices of green filming. These initiatives, based on European patterns, have so far been mainly bottom-up and dispersed or in the form of non-binding recommendations. The handful of producers and authors who have undertaken them are not in any way encouraged to be eco-friendly. Driven by their concern for the environment, however, they show the forward-looking way of thinking that should be followed by the entire industry.

Słowa kluczowe: sustainable film production, green filming, production culture

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