Dziedzictwo archeologiczne w kontekście wyzwań zrównoważonego rozwoju

Michał Pawleta


Archaeological heritage in the context of sustainable development

The concept of sustainable development is widely declared and used in contemporary scientific discourse. Sustainability also refers to cultural and archaeological heritage. What is an important element of the contemporary conservation doctrine is a departure from the idea of protection of archaeological heritage in favour of the rational management of such heritage, in accordance with the sustainable development rationale. It follows from the premise that, on the one hand, heritage is a subject of protection, but, on the other hand, it constitutes potential that should be adapted to new conditions and used for cultural, social, and economic development. With the above-mentioned concept as a starting point, the paper is aimed at analysing the role that archaeological heritage resources can play in the context of sustainable development. As an example of good practices implementing the idea of sustainable development based on archaeological resources, I take and discuss archaeological tourism, because it aims to promote public interest in archaeology and the protection of archaeological sites.

Słowa kluczowe: archaeological heritage, contemporary conservation doctrine, sustainable development, archaeological tourism

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