Inspiracje kultury w tworzeniu nowego paradygmatu rozwoju

Tadeusz Borys


Inspirations of culture in creating the axiology of a new development paradigm

A positive assessment of changes from the point of view of a specific axiological system is a constitutive attribute of the definition of development which determines the relativism or unconditional nature of the development category and its new paradigms. In creating this system, an inspiring—although not always unambiguous—the role is or should be played by culture. Culture also plays such a role in creating the quality of life. The article presents the main channels of the axiological impulses of culture as a carrier and creator of value systems. The identification of these channels is the main goal of this work. It shows the process of extending the dimensions of the new development paradigm and the role of culture in this process. The final part of the article illustrates this issue with the example of public policies and organisational culture. Furthermore, the author identifies axiologically diverse choices relating to the basic attributes of this culture, which are illustrated in the approach of an organisation (an enterprise or a public institution) to the category of responsibility, fairness or trust, and management systems, including the style of personnel management in the context of the leadership empowered in the organisation.

Słowa kluczowe: culture, axiology, development, paradigm, value

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