Motywacja i potrzeby pracowników artystycznych z pokolenia Y. Studium przypadku instytucji muzycznej

Elżbieta Król-Dryja


Motivation and Needs of Artistic Workers from Generation Y. A Case Study of a Music Institution

The aim of the work is to analyse the motivational system used in one of the musical cultural institutions in Poland and to identify the motivating factors (motivators) for the work of the artists employed in it, representing the Generation Y. The first – theoretical – part contains selected motivational theories and the characteristics of Generation Y. The empirical part is a description of the results of the research carried out by the author.

A critical analysis of the literature and the results of surveys as well as interviews conducted in a cultural institution will allow the author to answer the following research questions: What are the current premises and needs of Generation Y when they start working in a public cultural institution? What are the motivating and demotivating factors for a Generation Y employee of a public cultural institution?

In order to research the topic, the author chose the case study method. A large (over 200 people) public institution promoting musical culture served as a model. Only a group of artistic creators (choir and orchestra with the decision-makers) from Generation Y (people born between 1980 and 2000) was subjected to the test.

The research showed the diversity of such occurring employee needs: stabilisation of employment, belonging to a team and the need for closer contact with art. The main motivating factors for work are also stable employment, but also finances, a friendly atmosphere and a possibility of professional development. Among the demotivators, the Millennials indicated the inadequacy of earnings in relation to work, lack of respect and poor working conditions.

Słowa kluczowe: Generation Y, culture staff, motivation, needs

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