Co wiemy o kadrach kultury? Systematyczny przegląd polskiej literatury

Agnieszka Konior,

Anna Pluszyńska


What do We Know about Staff of Cultural Institutions? A Systematic Overview of Polish Literature

The goal of this article is to showcase the current state of research and the emerging tendencies in analyses concerning the staff of cultural institutions, while providing a systematical overview of the literature. Staff of cultural institutions was defined as persons employed in cultural organisations (of public, private and NGO character) whose work begins there where the predisposition of the employed artists ends and whose work plays a vital role in creation, distribution and protection of culture. Based on the previous research one can conclude that the topic of staff of cultural institutions is addressed by the authors, its analysis, however, proves to be fragmentary and oftentimes superficial.

Słowa kluczowe: cultural employees, culture management, systematic literature review

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