„Event Management – między teorią a praktyką”. Raport z konferencji

Katarzyna Karkoszka,

Weronika Pokojska,

Agnieszka Pudełko,

Barbara Witkowicka


“Event Management – between theory and practice” – Conference report

The Conference about “Event Management – between theory and practice” was held on May 13, 2011, at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication, Jagiellonian University. The main organizers were MERITUM and STRATEG scientific clubs.
The aim of the Conference was to introduce to the wider audience the idea of the event, its peculiarities and the principles of its organization, both in terms of theoretical and practical levels. The attention was also focused on the characteristics of the event manager job, his responsibilities and qualities. In addition, the subject of event managers’ education and the advisability of faculty input in this field was also brought up.
The Conference was divided into three panels which focused on the following issues: education in the context of events, organizing cultural events in Krakow and experience of students in this area.

Słowa kluczowe: conference, event management, scientific clubs