Pakistan as a Medical Tourism Destination: Just Wishful Thinking?

Owais Kabani


Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors in the developing nations, especially the Asian market that includes India, Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore. Not much research has been conducted regarding the potential of Pakistan being a new medical tourism destination in the Asian market. Pakistan however still remains an untapped market due to the issues related to perceived deficits of security. This paper will contribute to the field of medical tourism in Pakistan. The goal of this paper consists of two parts, first to prove that there is a potential for Pakistan to become a Medical Tourism Destination. Finally, to identify the requirements that have to be met before Pakistan can be labeled as a Medical Tourism Destination in the already competitive market. There are three types of requirements mentioned, requirements which must be fulfilled by the government (macroeconomic requirements), requirements related to making it easier for foreigners (individual patient requirements) and requirements which need to be fulfilled by the various hospitals (microeconomic requirements). Some recommendations have been given which include security packages, reducing the brain drain syndrome, increasing salaries and the support of government in terms of accreditation

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