Implementation of health maps in Poland

Krzysztof Gajda,

Wojciech Trąbka,

Artur Romaszewski,

Mariusz Kielar

In April 2015 came to force a new regulation of The Ministry of Health regarding healthcare maps and preparation of the General Polish Healthcare Map. During implementation process of this regulation several questions and problems about practical solutions in preparing of healthcare maps were raised. Collection of the required data, their analysis and presentation in current healthcare information system is difficult. Healthcare maps will require further regular current data supply and updates. Without unified system of data collection, required standards of data format and models of analysis and presentation, preparation and use of such maps may not be possible. 
Słowa kluczowe: mapy, mapy potrzeb zdrowotnych, regionalne mapy potrzeb zdrowotnych, Ogólnopolska Mapa Potrzeb Zdrowotnych, GIS, HL7

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