Wymogi i nakazy dotyczące noszenia masek ochronnych

Katarzyna Badora-Musiał


In the absence of effective drugs that could be used in the treatment of infection caused by SARS-CoV-2, behavioral methods of preventing infection have become important in counteracting the epidemic, including wearing protective masks. A historical overview of the epidemic and the introduc­tion of the mask order allows an epidemic to be better understood not only as a biological event, but also as a social process. Many countries have enforced the wearing of masks in public despite conflicting opinions about whether their use could prevent transmission of the coronavirus from one person to another. In Poland, the content of the official message on the effectiveness of wearing masks was changing, ultimately introducing the obligation to cover the mouth and nose with masks or an element of clothing in generally accessible places.

Słowa kluczowe: koronawirus, COVID-19, maseczki, środki ochrony indywidualnej, zdrowie publiczne / coronavirus, face masks, personal protective equipment, public health
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