Medyczne konta oszczędnościowe jako metoda finansowania świadczeń zdrowotnych. Dotychczasowe rezultaty ich funkcjonowania w świecie i perspektywa dla Europy

Irmina Jurkiewicz-Świętek

Medical Saving Account as health care financing method – implementation results in the world and perspective for Europe
Many countries around the world are concerned by growth in health care spending. Yet it is an unavoidable process resulting from new medical technologies, ageing populations and high expectations of patients. Therefore, the actual goal of any new solution in health care system, is slowing down the process of health care expenditures growth. One of the relatively new solution are medical savings accounts (MSAs; or health savings accounts, HSAs). The aim of this article is to present MSAs as health care financing method, its structure and implementation results in chosen countries. A short deliberation on MSAs’ place in Europe is presented.
Słowa kluczowe: Chiny, Europa, medyczne konta oszczędnościowe, Republika Południowej Afryki, Singapur, Stany Zjednoczone, zdrowotne konta oszczędnościowe

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