Między wolnością i odpowiedzialnością. Poglądy Tomasza Gobana-Klasa na etykę komunikowania

Ignacy S. Fiut


The paper contains an attempt to reconstruct Tomasz Goban-Klas´ views on the ethics of journalism and media. What was first discussed was the central element of the theoretical construction of the ethical field of the media - the triangle: freedom, responsibility and professionalism. Then the evolution of this idea in the context of evolution and social-communication metamorphosis of the media was traced. It has been found that subjectivity of the human being and media institutions has currently changed to such an extent that the most appropriate description and assessment of media ethics will be to show it in the logic of non-zero-sum games as referred to the collective entity creating the media communication system.

Słowa kluczowe: media ethics, journalistic ethics, the field of media ethics, freedom, responsibility and communication professionalism

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