Selekcyjna bibliografia publikacji Tomasza Gobana-Klasa za lata 1968-2012

Władysław Marek Kolasa,

Michał Rogoż


The bibliography is selective and covers only papers of scientific or documentary nature which concern journalistic matters. Only the original scientific dissertations (articles, books) were listed together. All other types of publications (information notes, reports, reviews) underwent selection. Only the papers of lasting value and some more important reviews of journalistic monographs were included. A total of 365 papers were listed. The books (including 25 author´s monographs and 10 volumes of edited or translated papers) are of special importance among these papers. The bibliography is preceded by a short methodological outline and statistics of the author´s works.

Słowa kluczowe: Tomasz Goban-Klas, media, sociology, bibliography

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