Z klasyki polskiego reportażu wojennego: „Drogą Czwartaków od Ostrowca na Litwę” Władysława Orkana (1916)

Andrzej Kaliszewski


The classics of war reportage: Following the way of the “4th Infantry Regiment (Czwartacy) from Ostrowiec to Lithuania” by Władysław Orkan (1916)
“4th Infantry Regiment (“Czwartacy”) way from Ostrowiec to Lithuania” by Władysław Orkan is one of the most valuable and interesting war reportages showing Polish war efforts in World War I, the legend of Polish Legions and commandant Piłsudski. Orkan was himself a flagbearer in the 4th Infantry Regiment called “Czwartacy”, and this experience allowed him to present a part of the successful Austro-German military campaign (with the participation of Polish Legions) against the Russian army in 1915. The battles of Majdan Borzechowski and Jastków marked this campaign.
This extensive reportage surprises us with the dynamic and diverse structure of battle scenes, realistic presentation of the everyday army life (i.e. in the spirit of human interest) as well as a careful and piercing observation of war effects concerning civilians, towns and villages, with their architecture and nature particularly. A disadvantage of the work is its excessive language dependence on Young Poland (Polish Neoromanticism) style.

Słowa kluczowe: Orkan Władysław, reportage, war reportage, Czwartacy, „Drogą Czwartaków”, 4th Infantry Legion Regiment, Polish Legions, military art, Piłsudski Józef, Roja Bolesław

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