Komunikowanie lokalne wobec nowych możliwości i oczekiwań. Prasa drukowana czy elektroniczna?

Jolanta Kępa-Mętrak


apart from TV digitization the Internet and local press have been the most important events in the Polish media in the recent years. The former has been developing very intensively, the latter, which exists in the traditional form, for many years has been said to be bound to fall due to the Internet itself. But it is still doing quite well and has more and more in common with the Internet. Local communication as well as regional or national ones seem to be exceeding the limited territorial environment more and more and getting transferred to the global network with better and better results. Many publishers offer subscriptions and e-copy sales releases. On the other hand, the local printed press has still priority over the virtual media in many communities. These are the theses which the author tries to prove through the analysis of the selected local newspapers. Among them there are both local weeklies-the best-selling in the country, and short-run periodicals, especially popular in smaller towns and villages. Some of them are still very traditional and they use paper as the only carrier transfer. It mainly concerns the press of a very small range. One can clearly observe that the smaller the community, the greater the role of the traditional print media. However, it is difficult to notice the relationship between the time of launching the new titles and their form. The recent ones are not necessarily the most multimedia ones.

Słowa kluczowe: local media in Poland, the Internet, printed press, electronic press

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