Marsz „Obudź się, Polsko!” w relacjach polskich stacji telewizyjnych. Część II: Wieczorne serwisy informacyjne

Karolina Brylska,

Tomasz Gackowski,

Jacek Wasilewski


“Wake up, Poland!” March in the Coverage of Polish Television Stations

The article presents the results of a study devoted to the methods and manners of covering the “Wake up, Poland! (Obudź się, Polsko!)” march (held in Warsaw on September 29th, 2012) in Polish TV news programs. The research has covered the major evening news (“Wydarzenia” Polsat, “Fakty” TVN, “Panorama” TVP2, “Wiadomości” TVP1, “Informacje” TV Trwam) on the day preceding the event, then on the day when the event occurred place, and on the day after the event (28–30 September 2012). The collected material was analyzed in several aspects. The authors have pointed out the used interpretive frames, the diversity of the proposed contexts, the established audiences, objectivity and subjectivity of opinions as well as normativity and didacticism present in information.
This article constitutes the second part of the study. The fi rst part, presenting the methodology of the survey and conclusions from live coverage, was published in the previous issue of Zeszyty Prasoznawcze. Both texts should be considered complementary.

Słowa kluczowe: wiadomości telewizyjne, analiza zawartości, analiza jakościowa, relacja na żywo

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