Zeszyty Prasoznawcze w latach 1991–2012

Tomasz Mielczarek

The subject of this article is the content of a quarterly Zeszyty Prasoznawcze issued by the Press Research Centre of Jagiellonian University. The author analyzed 42 publications covering approximately 8,500 pages of print. He paid attention to the editorial staff lineup, team of authors and, above all, subject matter of the articles. Altogether, 1068 pieces (389 scientific articles, 
114 scientific materials, 413 reviews and 152 reports) were subjected to the analysis. The content of Zeszyty Prasoznawcze was dominated by authors from Cracow, mostly connected to the Press Research Centre of Jagiellonian University. The periodical, not avoiding international subject matter, mainly focused on researching classic printed press in Poland. It played a beneficial role in initiating, registering and evaluating press studies research, relatively widely informed about most important publications in media studies. Editor in chief, who proved to be an unusually prolific author in Zeszyty Prasoznawcze, had a significant influence on its content.
Słowa kluczowe: czasopismo naukowe, zawartość, medioznawstwo, prasa, Polska, Zeszyty Prasoznawcze


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