Research i źródła informacji w świetle badań środowiska dziennikarskiego

Marek Chyliński


Journalism research methodologies and sources of information for journalists in the light of media tests

The presented paper deals with the issue of communication activities related to the creation of media messages, with particular attention paid to the processes of searching for information by journalists. Ascribing to journalistic research the fundamental role in media communication activities, the author turned his attention to an area less intensively studied in terms of factual material and methodology. Thanks to a new approach, the author was able to make certain contribution to knowledge on contemporary media messages. According to one of the adopted hypotheses, the lowering level of the media discourse is caused by methodological deficiencies and negligence in searching for and acquiring information. The correctness of the hypothesis was proved by collecting precise data documenting a decrease in the amount of time dedicated to research.

Słowa kluczowe: journalists, journalism research, sources of information, searching for information

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