Kwantyfikacja rzeczywistości. O nieznośnym imperatywie policzalności wszystkiego 

Magdalena Szpunar


Quantification of Reality. On the Unbearable Imperative of Counting Everything

The goal of the article is to explore mechanisms related to the quantification and indexing of individuals. On the basis of literature analysis, the author puts forward the hypothesis that we are dealing with an increasingly visible quantified self, which becomes an important touchstone of the condition of postmodern culture. Indicating is understood as a vast process of exercising control, allowing the making of comparisons and evaluations, and consequently increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of individuals. The article also explains what the power of statistics in contemporary societies is, which becomes the emanation of power technology in Foucault’s approach. The author refers to the achievements of the trend referred to as datatization, which recognizes data as the only possible method which enables a knowing of social reality. Quantification intensifies the processes of depersonalization and reification, making dehumanization a social fact.

Słowa kluczowe: quantification, quantified self, self-tracking, algorithmization, commodity self-government, statistics power, datatization

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