Call for Papers

Challenges to Journalism and Broadcasting in the wake of COVID-19.

Media Before and After the Global Pandemic

We warmly welcome you to participate in an international dialogue essential to journalists, media workers, media scholars, practitioners who are also looking forward to the end of coronavirus pandemic. We want to encourage media researchers and reporters to share their insights in the special edition of Media Research Issues – one of the oldest scientific journals in Central and Eastern Europe. The special issue will be devoted to the challenges of journalism and broadcasting in the wake of the global pandemic and the changes in media environment: media management; media coverage; professional hazards and safety of journalists reporting the disease outbreak and aftermath, and many other issues that we want to discuss and find solutions to the problems we are all facing and will face in the future.

TheMedia Research Issues(Zeszyty Prasoznawcze) published (since 1960) by the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, is a peer-reviewed quarterly recognized worldwide and indexed in international databases. For over six decades the journal has been devoted to social, cultural, linguistic, psychological, political, legal, economic, organizational and professional aspects of mass communication and has been making important contributions to the development of media studies and journalism. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak the editorial board of the journal is opening its platform of knowledge and experience exchange and welcomes articles, reports and studies devoted to Challenges to Journalism and Broadcasting in the wake of COVID-19.

The special issue of the journal will be published online in February-March 2021 and will be devoted to two research areas:

  1. Media Management (changes to the principles of functioning and financing of media institutions; changes to the methods of developing and perceiving the media content; technological changes and challenges)
  2. Media Coverage of Coronavirus Disease (professional hazards and safety of journalists; news stories, media narratives and images; language and rhetoric; social and cultural dimensions of the pandemic, its political aspects and historical background, media coverage of epidemics, etc.)

Authors are kindly requested to submit their articles in English, up to 40 000 characters, to the editorial office address: and

Submission deadline: 10th of June 2020

Guidelines for Authors:

Feel free to send any questions to Magdalena Hodalska, editor-in-chief of Media Research Issues, at and Weronika Świerczyńska-Głownia, special issue editor.

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