Call for Papers: On media in Americas

In this Special Issue of “Zeszyty Prasoznawcze”/ “Media Research Issues” we would like to focus on the media of the Western hemisphere. While the influence of the American television and radio, print press, and social media remains unparalleled on the global scale (and makes them a prime area of our interest), we are also intrigued by the media systems of Canada and Latin American countries, which seem to have been, so far, less often analyzed in the Polish academic discourse. We would like to fill in this gap by providing our platform to projects offering original research angles and interdisciplinary approaches to the issues of media of both North and South America.

Well aware of the recent dramatic developments in Ukraine, we would also like to put a special emphasis on the political and international aspects of communication in the Americas and elsewhere, including questions of how media outlets are used for public diplomatic purposes as well as propaganda and disinformation.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The scope of the planned volume shall include but not be limited by the following research fields:

  • the U.S. broadcasting systems (including television and radio),
  • the U.S. traditional print press,
  • American public, local, and grassroots media,
  • American new media (including social networks, streaming platforms, and their global impact),
  • media systems of Canada – challenges and opportunities,
  • media systems of Mexico, the Caribbean, and South American countries,
  • international communication in the American and global perspective,
  • war journalism in the digital media environment.


May 20th, 2022: title and abstract (via the Editorial Panel)

June 20th, 2022: final version of paper

Submitted texts should not be longer than 40,000 characters. Detailed guidelines may be found here:

This issue is planned to be published by the end of 2022.

For additional information, please contact the Editor of the Special Issue ( or the Chief Editor of the journal (

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