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Specific features of designing educational centers in the areas with challenging landscape in Ukraine

Czasopismo Techniczne, 2019, Volume 12, s. 79–84
Data publikacji online: 20 grudnia 2019
DOI 10.4467/2353737XCT.19.125.11450

Role of the Department of Architecture Fundamentals and Architectural Design of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in Shaping the Kyiv Architectural School

Czasopismo Techniczne, 2019, Volume 5, s. 33–40
Data publikacji online: 30 maja 2019
DOI 10.4467/2353737XCT.19.052.10576

Prospects of the construction of transport  and communication centres in the territory  of Ukraine 

Przestrzeń Urbanistyka Architektura, 2018, Volume 2, s. 65-72
Data publikacji online: 21 grudnia 2018
DOI 10.4467/00000000PUA.18.034.9597