Gerard Kilroy is Professor at the Jesuit Ignatianum University in Kraków, where he teaches Shakespeare, the pleasures of poetry and of English Literature more generally. He has written on the subversive circulation of manuscripts in Edmund Campion: Memory and Transcription (2005), is the first editor from the manuscripts of The Epigrams of Sir John Harington (2009), and author of the acclaimed biography Edmund Campion: A Scholarly Life (2015). He has lectured on religious ideas and Biblical echoes in Shakespeare, is currently editing Evelyn Waugh’s Edmund Campion (1935) for Oxford University Press, and lecturing on book smuggling in early modern England. He is a Senior Research Fellow at Campion Hall, Oxford, and Honorary Visiting Professor at University College London.


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The Secret Agent: A Far from Simple Tale

Yearbook of Conrad Studies, 2018, Vol. 13, s. 55-64
Data publikacji online: 2018
DOI 10.4467/20843941YC.18.005.11240