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Old Church Slavonic Roots of the Present-Day Polish Anticausative System

Studies in Polish Linguistics, Volume 11, Issue 1, s. 27-46
Data publikacji online: 19 kwietnia 2016
DOI 10.4467/23005920SPL.16.002.4817

In search of causative structures in the root-based morphology: the case of Polish roz-/roze- causatives

Studies in Polish Linguistics, Volume 8, Issue 2, s. 75–102
Data publikacji online: 19 grudnia 2013
DOI 10.4467/23005920SPL.13.005.1420

Decausatives in Polish: A non-reflexive analysis

Studies in Polish Linguistics, Issue 1, s. 83-105
Data publikacji online: 15 października 2012